New Years resolution going STRONG!

When planning a New Years resolution you mostly would think losing weight, saving money or becoming a better person. All of those resolutions are mostly forgotten about by the end of the month. This year, as I sat around work talking to my coworkers, I decided I was going to pick a resolution that I knew I could keep. Reading, easy! All I had to do was to read ONE book a month to keep this resolution. Since, I’ve read any where from 2-3 books a month. Becoming a book junkie so to say. Now I still love to order clothes online but now I’m also a constantly looking for books I can order on Amazon! Constantly trying to find what I will be reading the next month, which has been so fun! Currently I’m reading, “Smoke screen”, by Sandra Brown. I’ve had it at work for well over a month but it just didn’t seem like my style of a read. Being that I didn’t have anything to read, I picked it up and started reading. The first page and I was hooked. I’m excited to finish it because yesterday my mail man delivered my April reads.  See picture below,


I’m addicted to Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic series, it’s like I can relate to Becky and her spending habits. I also read the first few pages of “Ugly Love” yesterday while the hubs was watching Creed, can’t wait to get lost in Colleen’s book (first book I’ve read of hers, won’t be the last).

I, however, need some beach reads. Would love for you to leave suggests in the comments.


FIND something you love and do it!


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