Never have I been a picky eater. Sure I didn’t like certain things but everyone is like that. Recently, believe it or not, I have put on 20 unwanted pounds. The first ten I was ok with but the last ten were very unwelcomed. I blame it on my lack of activity and on just getting older, but I should add that I don’t eat the healthiest. Being that I have about two month before our family beach trip I figured I would at least try to eat healthier and maybe throw some exercise in also. Today, I tried tuna. Healthy doesn’t just have to be lettuce, it can be white delicious tuna, that I doctored up a little. Here’s my thrown together recipe:

1 can of starkist albacore tuna in water

1 tablespoon of miracle whip

4 chopped sweet/spicy pickles

1 boiled egg chopped up

dash of pepper.

Chill in the fridge for best taste.

I say “Age”, because before I would have never said I liked tuna. Truth: taste buds change.


Try old things you didn’t like again, you may be missing out on your favorite food.





currently looking for healthy lunch ideas, leave them in the comments!



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