Smoke screen

Ever love/hated a book so much?! Sandra Brown takes that to a whole new level. Having had this book at work for well over a month and nothing else to read, I finally opened the book. From page one I was hooked. In the first few pages the main character “Britt” wakes up with a dead man, who wouldn’t be hooked?! I’ll admit, some times while reading I wondered  what makes this scene useful. Conversations between George and his wife about her infidelities or his. I get it showed their marriage wasn’t perfect, but it was like I was wasting my time on reading these tidbits of information because they weren’t main characters. Leaving me at times, thinking about not even finishing the book, which I never do by the way.


Towards the middle,  I started liking the book more. Raley and Britt’s chemistry was all it took. Let me say though, I’m a romance book lover! And up until mid book there wasn’t any which is the perfect explanation of why I wasn’t flipping the pages as fast as I normally would. The mystery of trying to find out who killed Jay and who had drugged both Raley and Britt kept the storyline going. I’ll admit, Sandra can keep you on edge. I certainly did not see what happened in the last few chapters happening. It had my jaw dropped and reading as fast as I could to finish.

My review is 3.5/5 just because it took so long to get into the book. I didn’t go into detail because I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone who hasn’t read. If you like mystery I recommend this book. If you just want to read something different, I also recommend this book.

Now that I’m finish I can happy finish, “Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover.


Look for more reviews soon. Until then read on!



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