Making memories…

Driving down the road with your family,what are you normally doing? I remember road trips with my mom/family, we would play bee bee bumblebee. These days were so caught up in our phones or iPad, and not taking that time to have fun. Guilty of this myself.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve laughed as hard as I did tonight. On our way to supper tonight, we waved at oh probably 50 plus random cars. Weird yes but being so goofy is so much fun. (See proof below, it’s priceless)


The kids thought it was the funniest. Let me say, people seriously are just distracted these days. We had lots of fun but sadly not one car waved back.

So the next time your in the car and in a silly mood, wave a random people. Who cares if they think your crazy. Life’s too short. Bring the wave back friends!!


Peace ❤ & wave back

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