My book rules:

  1. If I actually pay money for a book, no matter the price, I have to read it.
  2. If I start a book, no matter how awful it is, I have to read it

Easy rules, one would think. Awhile back I purchased a book for $1. It wasn’t that horrible of a book but it also wasn’t the best either. I thought it was only a dollar but I still have to finish this book.

Recently, I bought “The Nest”. Never in my life have I wanted to break both my reading rules. If your one to read prologues you will find that the prologue to this book will hook you. However, in the first chapter I already hated this book. I found my self skipping words, paragraphs even. I’m really not quite sure how this book has 3 1/2 stars. I had high hopes of Leo coming through and putting the money back into the nest. Hats off to Cynthia D’Aprix for writing a book, it’s something only certain people can do. That is the only hats off she will get from me though. The only good part of the book was when it ended. No longer was I wishing to be done with the book.


On to better reads, I have a Sophia Kinsella book awaiting me.



peace love and don’t buy THE NEST!!!