Purple box, Purple box….

I only wanted to see you, when the mail lady came. (Oops excuse my remake of purple rain)

Recently, I was chosen (I’m so lucky) to review a April bookworm box. And boy was I totally stoked! First, let me start with how amazing CoHo (Colleen Hoover) is. All proceeds each month go to a charity picked by Colleen. These boxes are 39.99 a month, packed by volunteers back at the bookworm box office. Ok so enough about CoHo since you guys already know how much I love her!

Let’s do this!

Check out below the April bookworm box!!! :)))))



This box contained two books. Since I just received the box, I haven’t read either of these books yet so I will not review them in this post. Also as pictured, good deeds great reads sticker, shhh I’m reading pin, bookworm box pen, cell car charger and a few bookmarks. I think my favorite thing of all in this box was the shhh I’m reading pin.

Overall, I would purchase this box due to the fact that proceeds go to good deeds (charities). The price is a little high, I think the perfect price point would be $29.99 or maybe even make a box with one book only for a cheaper price!?!?

I do want to skate around the fact that some books (honesty) aren’t made for everyone. I think you kind of have to be careful when selecting or allowing books to be donated. I could exaggerate more on this but given the book title you can figure that out.

I’ll end with saying, Thank you to Colleen Hoover and the bookworm box for allowing me to review such an amazing thing. I can not wait to see what the future holds for CoHo and all of her greatness.


If you would like to purchase or check out more about The Bookworm box follow link below!


peace love and buy a bookworm box!!!



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