June TBR list

First, I’ll start by saying, I have to find a way to get books for cheap or free. I love reading and I love my books but they are going to break me. Haha oh well I’ll have a nice library someday.

So let’s talk about these reads!


I’m a little nervous for my June TBR, as these are books I typically wouldn’t just pick up. However, I’m getting burnt out on romance so I’m going to change it up for a bit. So here goes my list…

  1. LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR, which is not pictured above. It’s what I’m currently reading but I haven’t quite gotten into it yet. So far all I get from it is Lola is dating a band guy who her two gay dads don’t approve of. Also, the bell twins are back in town…. It’s kind of too teenish for me…but as my rule…I will finish the book.
  2. WHEN IM GONE, by Emily Bleeker. Found this on Amazon, read the description briefly and added it to my cart..
  3. MAYBE NOT, by my girl, CoHo! Need I say more?!?! No but for real, it’s a novella to MAYBE SOMEDAY in the POV of warren….
  4. THE GOOD GIRL, by Mary Kubica. A friend recommended this book to me when I told her I was kinda bored with romance novels.. We shall see…
  5. MIDNIGHT LILY, by Mia Sheridan. This book was in my April bookworm box. See my purple box, purple box blog for more details on THE BOOKWORM BOX! I’ve read a few pages and it seems out there but also seems good.

Even with these books being different from my normal, I’m quite excited for my June TBR. Have you read any of these books? Are they good?

until next time!


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