I’ve totally been slacking on posting my TBR for this month so no better time than now. The books on my list weren’t the cheapest this month either. Which is why my list isn’t bigger 😓.


1. Slammed by Colleen Hoover, still working on owning/reading all of COHO books. She’s the greatest and I can’t speak highly enough about her.

2. Before the fall by Noah Hawley. It’s a hot book right now via Amazon. I’m not sure what to expect yet but I look forward to reading it.

3. Shopaholic & baby by Sophia Kinsella. I’ve been reading this series slowly because I’m not ready to be done. Being a shopaholic myself, I just love these books!


As I mentioned my July TBR are few. I’m hoping next month to get some book deals. I’m also trying to become a book reviewer, which is much harder than you’d think. How did you become a book reviewer? What’s your best tip?



Book loving mom!