Estella Maskame DIMILY series

Holy book loving souls!

Tuesday I came home to TWO things.

1. Mail from Great Britain

2.  Estelle sent me an ARC copy of “Did I mention I miss you?” (See below for pictures I had to take of this beaut)

If you haven’t read the series, I suggest you get on Amazon right now and order them. If you have read the series and you were like me, waiting unpaitenly for the third book to release, continue reading for my unbiased review.

A year has passed since Eden last spoke to Tyler. She remains furious at him for his abrupt departure last summer, but has done the best to move on with her life at college in Chicago. As school breaks up for summer, she’s heading back to Santa Monica, but soon she finds out she’s not the only one with that idea… Can Tyler and Eden finally work things out, against all the odds? 

So it’s basically been a year since I read book 2, and picking up book 3 was like book heaven. The build up from all the waiting was really high and I can say that Estelle delivers as she has in past books.

Normal people would say falling for your step brother is wrong, but I disagree. With there being no blood relations, I don’t see the issue. When reading, you have to be able to look past that.

Estelle keeps you on your toes and just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, you turn out to be so wrong. I’m not sure how to explain her third book without giving anything away. Therefore, I think I’ll end with saying two things. 1.) I didn’t expect the book to end the way it did but I speed read through the last 5-6 chapters. 2.) Just buy the book!

Estelle, your going places young lady. I can’t wait to read more from you. Thanks again for my ARC!

Much love from your USA FAN,


To find out more about Estelle check out her website here:

And also on Instagram @estellemaskameauthor




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