Before The Fall -NoahHawley

First, I want to start with why I blog. I blog for a few reasons, the most important being to let others know a good/bad/in between read. I also just like blogging in general. My next blog might just be about why I blog😃.

Before the fall was such a difficult read. My intentions for reading this book were because I was tired of the romance novels. Loved the cover… I know I should never judge a book by its cover and it had good reviews. I felt the story line of this book was very strong but didn’t quite like so many narrators. Some of the narrators thoughts just weren’t  necessary .

My favorite character of course was Scott, the true hero. I loved and longed to hear him speak. To hear that as a young child he dreamed of being like Jack LaLanne, the man who swam with a thousand pound boat chained to his back. Scott himself later becoming such a great swimmer and some years later saving JJ. I dislike how the media portrayed him to be the bad guy. He wasn’t out to get with Maggie nor Eleanor. Also, his painting were just something he wanted to paint not because he would cause a plane to crash, it’s just what he felt and painted. So as you can see Scott was my favorite and I could go on all day about him.

Like I said above I didn’t  like the media/detectives and how they twisted the story. Though, in real life that’s what media does to get more people to watch a news story. I don’t get why Noah went into so much detail about Ben’s wrong doings. Finishing the book and looking back it was all a pointless part that I had to read I felt like. (Maybe that’s just me)

I marked pages of my favorite quotes from the book. Reading them, I knew I had to add them in this blog.

“Everyone is from someplace. We all have stories, our lives unfolding along crooked lines, colliding in unexpected ways.”

“You have kids and you think I made you, so we’re the same, but it’s not true. You just get to live with them for a while and maybe help them figure things out.”  (This is so touching to me, it’s such a true statement)

“The mind, remains active until the day you die, but it is a salve to the body–bodies that have become so lazy all they want to do is sit. The dawn of the couch potato. And you’ve allowed it to be that way.” (Again, so much true in this statement)

The ending was good, I’m always happy to finish a book that I have struggled to read. I’m not sure how I expected the book to end but I was ok with the ending.

So my rating for the book, 3⭐️/5⭐️. If you do decided to read it then good luck and I would love to hear how you feel about the story.

Now on to better reads. Just have to figure out which book to read.


Happy reading to my blog followers 😘



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