Only Fools Jump BY: KPHAIGH

Have you ever wished that you hadn’t read a book so that you could read it when you need a good read?!?! Ever wished that a book went on forever?!?! Yes,that’s what “Only Fools Jump” did to me. It’s one of those books you pick up and don’t sit back down until you’ve finished it.


Only fools jump…and Zoey Porter is no fool. At least not anymore. One tiny mistake when she was eighteen led to two very real consequences—the kind that keep you up all night and demand breakfast in the morning.

The only thing Zoey has time for these days is dry shampoo, energy bars, and that magical photo filter that erases the circles under her eyes.

So when Elliott MacCallister knocks on the door like a #nofilternecessary god, Zoey knows she’s in serious trouble.

With Elliott as the newly-minted resident of her boss’s pool house, keeping her distance is easier said than done.

Time to stock up on wine, cookies, and a portable fan. Their summer just got complicated.


Only Fools Jump is a story about Zoey who gets pregnant far too young, which happens quite too often these days. It’s beautifully written, KP shows the struggles and realistic side of being a young single mother. I loved how mature KP created Zoey to be. She goes to no ends take care of her twin daughters, including working for Miss Fancy lawyer pants. Hehe totally just made that up. While Zoey always puts her children first, at times I just wanted her to let her boss know she wasn’t just some nanny, that she too is a mom!

Being a romance freak, I loved how realistic KP made Zoey&Elliott. True love doesn’t come easy, it takes dedication and sometimes more. Being able to put someone else first in front of your own needs. And most of all it takes NEVER giving up. Zoey & Elliott did just that.

I won’t go into too much detail as I want you to read this book for yourself. I really wish I hadn’t read it yet but I know I’ll read it again soon. My rating for this book is 5⭐️ and then some.

Do your heart a favor and go buy this book! Also, look for another KP HAIGH book this Fall 2016!

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