Coffee, Candles & Books

Those three things basically sum up October/Fall for me. I am so glad Fall is finally here being its my favorite season. There’s this tree in the town I work in and I love watching the leaves change colors. It’s like nothing I can even explain, except it’s my favorite piece of fall.  If you think your ready for it, I’ll share a picture of the tree from last year.

Ready? Ok!


Perfect, right?!

Fall is perfect for so many things. Pumpkin spice latte’s, candleberry candles, kettle popcorn, that perfect fuzzy blanket and a good book.

I’ve been slacking quite a bit lately but I’ll always at least make one post a month. So in case it’s my only post for the month, I’ll make it good😘.

Last month was my birthday month and also a good book month. I received so many books, that I will probably not buy any for a few months. Just a few off the top of my head that I received and have me excited are:

1. The couple next door. By: SHARI LAPENA

2. The one real thing. By: SAMANTHA YOUNG (currently reading this one)

3. Ladies night. By: MARY KAY ANDREWS

4. This girl. By: Colleen Hoover (not my favorite book of hers)

5. Two by two. By: NICHOLAS SPARKS (thank you Grand Central Pub)

I received a few more but I won’t list them all. I’m so excited to read them and I would say my next few months of reading will be full of great reads.

I’m curious, what’s your favorite season and why?!


As always, thanks for following and reading my blogs and I’ll try to do better on posting more frequently.

Peace, Love and Happy October!!!

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