Please buckle your seat belts and turn all electronic devices off as this book is about to TAKE OFF.

I’m so excited to finally fill all of you in on my secret. I have had the honor of reviewing A.J. Mayers up and coming book, Final Boarding. First of all, I must let you guys know that AJ is a fabulous writer and such a friendly author to work with. I contacted AJ wanting to help review his book and gain some followers and here we are. I hope I have your attention and your reading to see what “Final Boarding” is all about. If you’re ready to jump on board, continue reading below.

“Patrick Baldwin had no idea that missing Phoenix Airlines Flight 619 would mean he would live to see another day. The flight he missed went missing itself over the Pacific Ocean, going off radar without a trace or any sign of debris. When the world can’t stop talking about the disappearance, Patrick begins to delve into the mystery of the missing airliner in hopes of discovering its fate and the fate of his three colleagues who were on board. The deeper he finds himself in this mystery, the stranger the circumstances become. Was Flight 619’s disappearance an accident, or something more sinister?”

Patrick works for Phoenix Airlines, a company taking over the air with its economical flights. After Royce, the CEO of the airlines, calls Patrick to a meeting along with three other collages is when I knew something wasn’t just right. The meeting was about a secret mission he wanted Patrick to be in on. Flight 619 would take them to the meeting that would change the airline forever. As more information on the missing flight comes to life, the greater risk they put themselves at knowing the truth.


I love that Final Boarding is written in one POV. It makes a read so much easier as sometimes I get confused when it’s jumping around with different POV’s. I also loved that AJ added a bit of romance, being that I am a romance junkie. It was just enough that I was like YES! Through the book the main character, Patrick deals with a lot. After all, he should have been on flight 619 that in itself says enough.

After finishing this novel, AJ wanted to chat and his first question he asked was, “What do you think happened to the plane?” With that question in mind, I will not give you my answer because I want my blog to be spoiler free. I do think you will find that AJ put so much effort in making the best possible scenario of what happened to flight 619. I can’t tell you how many times my mouth dropped. Just when you think you know what happened or how you think the story will go, AJ surprises you with his greatness.

Let me end with saying, Final Boarding has potential of being on THE NEW YORK TIMES BEST SELLING and with YOUR help we can make this possible for AJ. So with further ado, Click the link below and order your eBook or paperback today.




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