KP HAIGH has done it again. And I know she will do it again and again. I reached out to KP months back wanting to review “ONLY FOOLS JUMP”. After finishing that book I knew I was a fan of KP. I contacted her to review “MR. SPORTSBALL”, which didn’t at all let me down.



“Montgomery Bell craves adventure—the kind that knocks on your door and drags you out by your half-slept-on hair because it can’t wait another second.The problem is, she still lives thirty minutes away from where she grew up, in college town obsessed with the one thing she hates: football.It doesn’t help that Montgomery wouldn’t know the difference between an interception and a fumble if one hit her in the face.

When she meets Baron Richards, it practically does.

Baron is a rising star in the professional football world. Their worlds collide, sending Montgomery on the kind of adventure she never even thought to look for.Finding love isn’t the end of the story. You have to figure out what to do with it once you catch it, and run like hell to make that happen.Don’t worry, Montgomery’s running…she just doesn’t quite know which direction yet.”

Let me start with KP’s dedication that reads; To every girl who has ever watched a football game and thought, “Damn, I wish I were reading.” This fall I was that girl, literally! My husband took me to my first SEC college football game. Like Monty, I hate football or any sport really. Since I had a book in my bag, I always carry a book and I pulled out my book an read. No shame in my game.

Obviously, I felt a big connection with Monty. KP has a way with making you connect with these characters in many different ways. It wasn’t just that I connected with her because she hated football. I was able to also connect with Monty in the way she takes chances on love.

Baron AKA Bear, isn’t your typical football type. While Bear is a big time star on the field, he’s the total opposite off the field. He is able to balance the football world without having that big head most stars have.

I really loved that “MR. SPORTSBALL” wasn’t solely written about football, had it of been I would have never finished. Okay, so we both know I would finish the book… I finish every book I start.

While I would love to continue on my thoughts of this book, I’m going to conclude.

I give KP 5 stars. You’ve done it again woman. The only reason I would even think of giving less stars is because the book ended too quickly. Kid you not, this book is the easiest read and you should definitely read it!!! Tell KP, Heather sent you…


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