SPRINKLES: The baking book

I couldn’t possible hate this cookbook even if I tried. Not that I was trying to hate it or anything.  After receiving the book, I flipped through it and made a mental note of about 10 things I want to cook. One of which is currently in the making. If my dough will rise but that’s a story for later.

I absolutely love that Candace put a chapter in the book about pantry and equipment. She shares the brand of ingredients that make the recipes taste the best, as well as what each equipment could possibly be used for. LOVED THIS CHAPTER!

In chapter two, is “How to eat a cupcake.” Did you know there were different ways to eat a cupcake?! Me either since mine always gets scarfed down while the icing is all over my face. Candace shares SIX different ways a cupcake can be eaten. I’ll share one because I know you want to know one. My favorite one, THE PRO, remove the cupcake wrapper and hold the cupcake level with your mouth, ensuring that you consume proportional amounts of cake and frosting with each bite. This means I’m the pro, only if being a pro I’m allowed to have icing all over me. For the other five ways to eat a cupcake your going to have to buy the cookbook. Don’t worry, you will not regret it. There is so much more to this cookbook that I haven’t mentioned. So many good recipes all in one book.

The last recipe to the book is cinnamon rolls. Who doesn’t love them?! After getting my husband to get all the ingredients I got to work to make them.


Let me first tell you this. No matter how excited you are to be making a recipe from this cookbook, it is still important to follow instructions and add ALL ingredients. If not this happens.


After almost failing I decided to look at the cookbook again and figured out I had left out an ingredient or three, yes it was three eggs I had left out. Adding the three eggs to the flour mix makes a huge difference! Currently, I’m waiting on my dough to rise and to my surprise it actually is rising. Moving forward to finish the recipe I am going to read and follow each step.

To be continued…

Will my cinnamon rolls turn out?


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