Oh Christmas Tree!

With only 4 days until December I figured now was as good as any time for my Christmas feature.

First, I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been apart of my blogging book loving journey. Grand Central Pub (Tiffany), ST. MARTIN PRESS, BLACK AND WHITE PUBLISHING, RANDOM HOUSE &BERKLEY ROMANCE. I also want to say thanks to the authors I’ve been able to work with this year, AJ MEYERS, KP HAIGH, ESTELLE MASKAME & ANDREA DUNLOP. Also to all of my blog followers and instagram followers. I’ve made some amazing book loving friends!!!

The month of December I plan on only reading Holiday books. Below are my featured Christmas reads.


1. FALLING LIKE SNOWFLAKES by DENISE HUNTER. Thomas Nelson had sent me a book from Denise that was third in its series. I’m funny about reading books in order so I ordered the first two of the series. Falling like snowflakes ended up being a Holiday read. I’m about half way through the book and it’s such a cute story! It’s definitely a light hearted read and perfect for the season.

2. CHRISTMAS IN PARIS by ANITE HUGHES. Thank you ST MATTIN PRESS for sending me this Holiday read!!

3. A CHRISTMAS BRIDE by HOPE RAMSAY. This is book one of Hope’s new series and I can’t wait to read it!!! Thank you Forever Romance for sending me a copy.

I have a few other Christmas reads but they are in a series that I haven’t read the books before so I’ll have to hold on to those.

I hope you all have an amazing month of December!!! May we all remember the reason for the season.

Happy December BOOK loves!


Book Blogging Momma


PS, Do you have any favorite Holiday books?!

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