Kid Blog Take Over

Yes you read that right, I’m letting my kid take over my blog. He’s 7 and he’s only taking over for this blog post.

Recently, I reached out to Scholastic and told them I wanted to let my son do a kids blog. He loves reading just as much as me. Back this summer, my husband ordered him “Dog Man” and he read this book oh 5 times. Being the book.blogging.momma, I asked Scholastic to kindly send me the newest copy of “Dog Man Unleashed”. Scholastic didn’t respond back to my email so I just figured they didn’t take request. Until it came in the mail. I’m pretty sure I was the most excited about this book. My son read this book in 24 hours and will be reading over and over.

Since he is 7, his thinking is simplier than mine which is going to make his blog post a lot simplier. Please continue reading for his full review.


Was DOG MAN UNLEASHED easy to read? Yes

Did you like the ending of the book? I liked the whole book.

Did you like the pictures in the book? Yes,they were funny

What was your favorite part of this book? Where Pete tricks the guard by making himself on a flat piece of paper.

Would you like to read the next book in the series? Yes I will

Who was your favorite character? Flippy because he’s funny .

What was the funniest thing that happened in this book? Ummmm,where the pet store tricked dog man with a evil fish instead of a normal fish.

How many stars would you rate this book? 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Thanks Scholastic for sending us a review copy.


Pre order your copy of DOG MAN UNLEASHED here


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