Pretty Little World by E. LaBan & M. DePino

Twos company, threes a crowd. In this case, 11 is a crowd. When Celia and Mark mention needing more space to their neighbor friends, who happen to share the other portions of the row house, the idea of taking the dividing walls down comes to life. Pretty Little World starts fast and throws you straight into the stories of these three neighboring families. Once the walls are down, the real story begins.


Pretty Little World was sent to me by “Little Bird Publicity” and soon after finishing up the book I was reading I started this one. The blurb intrigued me that much. After just a few pages I had to really pay attention. There are three couples in this book and it jumps between all six POV’s, which at times was a bit hard to keep up with.

There are parts of this book that I am just not ok with. As mentioned, the couples (& their kids) basically live in one house with the upstairs remaining  their family living quarters. One of the house rules is to not tell anyone about the “commune”, as they would be judged by the outside world. Which brings me to the fact that your making your kids lie and confusing them. Also, kids are going to talk no matter what especially when being told not to. Also, it’s like telling the kids it’s ok to lie. I was also bothered that the kids  would call one of the other mothers that wasn’t their own, “momma Hope” or whichever mom it was. As did the spouses also. I.E. Calling their not wife, wife number 2. It was just weird to me.

Pretty Little World is very much a page turner because you want to know more about this arrangement and their secrets. It’s very intriguing. I’m still a bit confused with the ending. It leaves you questioning, “Will there be another book”?

I rated this book 3 ⭐️ And it could have been 4 had the POV’s not jumped around so much.



Releasing 1.17.17, Pre order a copy today!

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