The Perfect Girl by Gilly Macmillan

I regretfully admit, I was skeptical about “The Perfect Girl”. Upon starting this book I was definitely kicking myself for putting off this book for so long. (It sat on my TBR shelf for 3 months, sorry William Morrow)


The book starts out with main character Zoe and step brother Lucas at their piano recital. Just as they begin to play, in barges one upset man. He’s angrily yelling and at this point you are left to wonder, “What the hell?!”

Fast forward to finding out why the man interrupted the recital and the true reason for this story. This book gave me ALL the feels. However, I mostly felt sad. Sad for Zoe, whose mother never truly told her things would be ok. Nor did Maria, Zoe’s mother, ever just simply comforted her. Maria was too concerned with her second chance family and trying to keep secrets hidden to comfort her troubled daughter.

In “The Perfect Girl” we read several POV’s, which in this book I enjoyed. Gilly writes so well that I was still able to follow along. It was nice to find out how other characters felt throughout the story.

Let me cut to the chase. THIS.BOOK.IS.AMMMMAZZZZING!!!!!! If I could give it 100 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️, I would.

Quit waiting and buy/read this book.


If you’ve already read “The Perfect Girl”, tell me your thoughts about it!



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