The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner

After hearing the hype over “The Twilight Wife”, I requested a copy from Touchstone. Upon receiving I started this book. AJ Banner is a super sweet author who actually thanked me for reading her book. I like when authors acknowledge us bloggers in post we tag them in.




The Twilight Wife begins with Kyra relying on her known husband Jacob to recover from a dive accident. Kyra begins to have flashbacks and is trying to piece together the past four years. It’s been three months since the accident, three months of Kyra asking repeated questions that she can’t seem to remember even asking. Through the book, I found Jacob only answers these questions with what he wants Kyra to hear. Also, through the book we find Jacob to become frustrated with having to continue to answer questions. That frustrated me, because it’s not like Kyra can help he memory loss. And Jacob signed up for this, right?!

I really enjoyed The Twilight Wife. However, I would have loved more twist and OMG moments.

To keep this review spoiler free, I’ll just say the ending was everything I had hope for. It’s also not how I thought it would end though. Haha hope that confuses you a bit.

I’ll definitely be on the lookout for future books from AJ.

Thanks Touchstone for my copy.


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