“Olivia Miller is standing on the porch of her mother and stepfather’s plantation style villa in St. Barts. They have been coming here every April for years but she is always thrilled to see the horseshoe shaped bay of Gustavia and white sand of Gouverneur’s Beach. This trip should be particularly exciting because she is celebrating her twenty-fifth birthday and hoping that Finn, her boyfriend of four years, will propose.

The only person who won’t be here is her father, Sebastian, whom she hasn’t seen in twenty years. He’s a well-known artist and crisscrosses the globe, painting and living in exotic locations like Kenya and China. When Sebastian unexpectedly walks through the door and floats back into Olivia’s life like a piece of bad driftwood she never knew she wanted, she starts to wonder if her world is too narrow. She questions the dreams and the relationship she’s always thought she wanted. But there seems to be more to the story than an innocent fatherly visit, and Olivia must decide if love is more important than truth.

Set on St. Barts, the jewel of the Caribbean, Anita Hughes’s WHITE SAND, BLUE SEA is a heartwarming story about romance and adventure, and most important, about knowing yourself, and what makes you happy.”



There are so many things I loved about “WHITE SAND, BLUE SEA”. I will always love the dedication of a mother who makes the best choices for her child. Hadley does just that. As Sebastian enters Hadley and Olivia’s life after twenty years, relationships are tested. Olivia who wanted a relationship with her father for many years connects instantly with her father upon his arrival. Hadley finds it hard to be around Sebastian and until the very end I wanted her to act on feelings she was having for her ex. Hadley is a devoted wife to Felix, who has given both Olivia and her the world since coming into their lives. I wasn’t a huge fan of Finn, Olivia’s boyfriend who to me doesn’t deserve Olivia and was almost childish when Olivia asked to do things with her father, whom she hasn’t seen in 20 years.

I loved reading the back history of Hadley and Sebastian but sadly that history was just that. Sebastian is self centered and can’t breathe without stroking his paint brush. As he waltzed back into the lives of Hadley and Olivia, he thinks both girls aren’t as happy as they should be. Hadley questions her marriage with Felix and Olivia wonders if she is too young to become a bride. But does Sebastian really understand “The Miller Girls” after being away for 20 years?!


I recommend this book for anyone who loves a juicy story with back history. I love reading books by Anita Hughes, they are always light hearted and wonderful!!!

Releasing April 11th 2017, be sure to grab a copy for that beach vacation.

*Thank you St Martin’s for my review copy for my honest review

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