REVIEW: The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda


The Perfect Stranger is my first read by Megan Miranda. I have heard wonderful things about her novel “All the Missing Girls” and after Simon Books sent me a copy to review I couldn’t wait to read it.


As the story has it, Leah is escaping Boston to get away from troubles. Moving to Pennsylvania with friend Emmy, who most know so little about. As we find out why Leah moved to begin with, lots of other mysteries are taking place. Her roommate Emmy hasn’t returned in a few days. Also, a body has been found near their shared house. The whole school where Leah works is talking and being questions by authorities. While reading POV of Leah, which is also the only POV, my view of who could have attacked this woman seems to keep changing. When Leah finally comes forward telling authorities her roommate is missing she is left looking like a crazy person, as there is not one piece of information to show Emmy really exists.

As Leah works her way to piece together what authorities can not, she learns a lot about Emmy and herself. There is a bit of romance throughout the book and I was left wishing for there to be more.

If you are looking for something different, this book is it. I will say, I loved “The Perfect Stranger” but yet I hated it too.

The was one particular chapter I literally held my breath while reading from suspense of what would become. Yet I still feel the novel lacked in some parts, one of which is the ending. This novel has so much potential of being a four star or even five star, in my opinion. However, it will leave you still thinking of the characters and story but I like an ending that I don’t have to come up with myself. And because of that I give this novel……



Happy Friday & now I’m off to….





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