Girl Boss .A Netflix Original.

Viewers Discretion Advised:

The following blog you are about to read could lead to binge watching of “Girl Boss”. It should be noted that there’s 13 episodes that are 30 minutes long & the pass by super fast. If you can handle this, please continue reading.


OK so typically I stick to book reviews but that changes NOW! I’m that girl who if not obsessing over a book is obsessing over the latest series on Netflix. Recently, I cancelled my Netflix because I was reading more and watching less of Netflix.  But I had just paid my subscription which means I have until June 14th to watch all I want. I figured I wouldn’t even watch anything but launched my Netflix app yesterday morning (10ish am to be exact) and clicked “Girl Boss”. Needless to say,  approximately 38 hours later and I’m on the last episode while searching for when season 2 will come out. None the less, coming to you guys at 1 am to tell you that you MUST watch the series.


Girl Boss is about this bratty millennial Sophia (you may know this star, Britt  Robertson, from another series “Life Unexpected”) who doesn’t necessarily want to hold an actual job. Ya know, one with set hours, regular pay and/or health benefits. Instead Sophia wants to be her own boss on her own time. Sophia runs across a very vintage jacket which brings her over two grand when she listed on her first eBay auction. I’m already telling you too much but from this vintage sale becomes “NastyGal Vintage”.


Hold that thought because if I have your attention then you must head over to Netflix and watch the first episode!!! If you’ve watched the series, tell me what you thought. I could literally write about each episode but I must not spoil it for you. Go watch and come back to let me know your thoughts!!!!

Clear out the next 38 hours though because your about to binge watch “Girl Boss”!!!!!!



a book blogging momma who sometimes watches Netflix series!

PS, look at this jacket though!!

IMG_3616Sophia & the jacket that started it all!!!


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