Q&A session with Marilyn Rothstein

My review is in and you can find it here. I really loved reading “LIFT AND SEPARATE” and I’m excited to have the opportunity to have Marilyn Simon Rothstein on Book Blogging Momma. Marilyn possesses highbrow humor that will have you wishing you were that witty. Please enjoy our Q&A session, I sure did.



Marilyn Simon Rothstein

Q1: The writing of this novel seems effortless, like it was meant to be on paper. Did it feel that way for you while writing?

A1: A great compliment! However, I write slowly and with effort. What’s more, most of writing is rewriting–then rewriting, tuning and tuning again. I can think about one sentence for a long time. I have been known to do this standing in front of my open fridge.

Q2:How do you take your coffee?

A2:In a cup—it’s less messy. I always add milk. My favorite is Carpe Diem Coffee, which I discovered while visiting Maine. I enjoy going to Starbucks for cappuccino. I don’t write there, but I like to read newspapers. I majored in journalism at NYU. I am addicted to The New York Times and I buy local newspapers wherever I go.

Q3:What is your advice for writing a first novel?

A3:Write—and join a writer’s workshop.

Q5:Who would you invite if you could have dinner with any writer in the world?

A5:I’d invite my eldest daughter, Sharyn Rothstein. She’s a TV writer as well as an award-winning playwright. I’m done bragging now.

Q6: What books are you reading?

A6: I’ve been busy writing, but when I have a chance to read I choose fiction by fellow Lake Union authors. We have a Facebook site called Lake Union Authors. Our first drawing was huge. The grand prize was fifty-four novels and a $150 Amazon gift certificate. One winner.

Q7: What was it like working for “Seventeen” magazine?

A7: Starting in seventh grade, I read the magazine every month. Remember how thick the August issues were? So, of course, I was thrilled to work there. I wrote features about home and food, fashion and beauty. I can still answer any question about acne.

Q8: Is your husband in the brassiere business?

A8: No. He does something that’s far more fun. He’s a Certified Public Accountant.

Q9: What’s something you hope readers take away from “Lift And Separate”?

A9: That at any age, summoning the strength to change and grow is possible.

Q10: Now that you published your book, can you tell us a bit more about your next book? Please tell me there is a next!

A10: My next novel appears in January 2018 from Lake Union Publishers and will be available for pre-order on Amazon. It’s the story of a woman starting a new life while her daughter is planning a wedding. I guarantee laughter.


Hats off to this fabulous author. Marilyn is now one of my very favorite! Hurry up January 2018 because I’m eager for the next book.

You can purchase your own copy of “Lift and Separate” here.


*Huge thank you to Marilyn for being so kind to answer my many questions. You are seriously inspiring as a writer and a person.


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