While “The Sunshine Sisters” wasn’t as great of a book as I originally thought it would be, I still found myself liking parts of the novel. I feel like some books have too much hype to live up to & this novel was one of those books. As always, hats off to Jane Green for writing and publishing a book. It takes a lot to do such and I feel that it’s important to acknowledge that.

Ronni Sunshine is a selfish, selfish person; fame tends to do this to many. She’s too caught up in her B-list actress lifestyle to see what life is really giving her. Ronni has three daughters Nell, Meredith and Lizzy; all three very unlike the other. With Ronni mostly being rude and in her moods her children fend for themselves. It’s really a wonder that they turned out as good as they did, though they had a few bumps along the way.

Through the years Ronni has self diagnosed herself with many different diagnoses with the help of WebMD but little do the girls know, their mother truly is terminal this time. Ronni calls her daughters home in hopes to mend their relationship, between her and each other. I’ll admit, I did enjoy hearing about the girls lifestyle but it wasn’t enough to make me love the book.

The book shows you how the girls have coped (not very well) through life with a mother who was never very present. My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, this book had very little story line and the beachy cover to the novel is very misleading. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone even if I thought someone else may like it. I know that’s harsh but I really feel this book isn’t that great and they would only be reading to see if the girls can act as sisters again.

With this being said I give “The Sunshine Sisters”


Have you read this novel yet? What are your thoughts on it?


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  1. I finished this book this week. I was not thrilled with it. I thought it was pat and predictable and I couldn’t feel for any o the characters. I used to love Jane Green, but I feel she has gotten trite. In her past few novels she has tried to tackle weighty issues, but she spends too much time talking about decorating or clothes, or other trivialities. The books are neither thought provoking enough to be interesting, or fun enough to be a beach read

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  2. What made me pause was the almost overnight turn Nell’s life took – it seemed some of her story had been edited out for such a monumental change. I didn’t have an issue with what happened – it just seemed out of the blue. Overall, just an ok read for me.

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