Kennedy Fox is baccccckkkk & these ladies have lead me to day drinking. It’s barely afternoon and I’m drinking a margarita because “This is Dangerous” has left me feeling just that.

I can’t deny my obsession with this amazingly talented author duo. My word these two make their stories seem so effortless. I finished “This is Dangerous” in record time and I am left wishing for more from Layla! In this series of “Friends to Lovers” we are finally learning why Logan is so stubborn and uneasy to be around. I knew he had to be hiding something and that he sure was.

My heart really tugged the most for Kayla. She too has skeletons in the closet and I felt so much sadness for all she has been through. An outsider would think she is a successful dog loving goddess and while she is that she also has a history that will make you thankful for your own past. A few times I really thought I would shed a few tears but Kayla is so strong and she wouldn’t want my pity.

As the book comes to an end we learn so much about Logan & Kayla. I can promise you it’s going to leave you waiting on the edge until the next book releases (Freaking September). So basically wake me up when September is here!!!

Be sure to grab your copy of “This is Dangerous”, you are not going to want to miss this!!!! As always, hats of to my girls K&F!!!

The review is in, I give



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