A fictional father writes letters to his college-aged daughter and son remembering events, large and small, from their family’s past in the poignant and hilarious Lying to Children. In this collection of sometimes outrageous, sometimes sad, often heartwarming interconnected vignettes, author Alex Shahla enters the fray with a delightful confessional celebration of family life told in stories from a dad’s unique perspective. Centered around the untruths parents regularly tell their kids in an effort to protect (or silence) them–from “Daddy Loves his Job” to “There’s a Jolly Fat Man who Brings You Presents (Assembly Required)” –Lying to Children is an unforgettable familial history filled with laughter, tears, and life lessons, and brimming over with a somewhat-less-than-perfect suburban dad’s unwavering love.



We have all done it, Lie to Children, and if you say you haven’t you are fibbing. Most of the time those lies are to shield such children from daily trials and tribulations of how life really is. Most always we don’t want our children to see the evil/hard comings of the world. Alex Shahla presents “Lying to Children” to us with some pretty funny life lies. I’ve laughed throughout the book and also had my eyes opened to a bit of wisdom.

One thing particularly that stood out to me was in the “Daddy loves his job” chapter.Ā “See the bricks, not the wall. It’s a lesson that I learned too late in life. It took me some time, but with your mother’s help I was finally able to see my job for what it was– a step on my path. Not the end, but a stop on my journey to something better — to becoming a “corporate something or whatever”.

This is the kind of wisdom that Alex Shahla brings to “Lying to Children”. Wisdom that’s legit. I like that a lot! There is so much of it in this novel, so much that I can’t tell you about it.

So with that being said, hats off to you Alex.


Grab a copy, keep it close. Even take it into the bathroom for a quick chapter read now and again. Unless you’re a germophobe like the father of “Lying to Children”.



**Thank you #BookSparks & #AlexShahla for letting me read/review this novel!!



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