It has truly been an honor to be apart of Booksparks Pop-Up tours this summer. I have enjoyed the rush of having to read read read and blog blog blog.


Recently, I read “The People We Hate at the Wedding” by Grant Ginder as part of this blog tour. I was really looking forward to this novel as the title just captured me. When I think wedding I think dread. And after reading “The People We Hate at the Wedding”, I would say these characters feel the same as me. My high hopes of this book were brought down to reality as this novel just never really hit the spot for me. The characters of this book are relatable at certain times but mostly they are whiny. The sister whines, the brother sulks and the mother oh the mother she tries but she’s just as bad as the next. Eloise, the bride to be, would probably have to be my favorite character of them if I had to pick. Eloise, a trust fund baby, tries to get her siblings Alice and Paul to only accept her. Alice and Paul hold such a grudge because their mother seemed to treat Eloise at a higher standard than themselves. Throughout the book, we learn that this family is just as dysfunctional as most families these days, it just happens. While this book wasn’t a OMG yes book for me, it very well still could be for you. Grant writes with a way that makes you want to keep reading. If you love dysfunctional, wedding gathering social events, this book may be for you.

With this being said, I give this novel


Stay tuned for more!

xo BBM


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