REVIEW: FITNESS JUNKIE by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza

As I have literally just finished this book, I felt I must review it NOW. This book is one you need to get online to order PRONTO. One word for this book, AMAZING. Hands down the best book I’ve read in a few months. Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza have written a phenomenal novel, the writing comes off as effortless.

What would you do if your best friend and your business partner told you that you had to lose weight in order to keep your title? Well Beau did just that to Janey, over her eating a bruffin. Janey is a lot better of a human being than me as I would lay into someone for saying I need to lose weight. Throughout the book Janey becomes a fitness junkie, hence the book title. Janey is jumping class to class until she falls into The Workout. Which is all the rave but invite only. Being the VVIP Janey is, she gets into the class and this is when the book becomes real interesting.Beau was my least favorite though he is the reason Janey finally discovers her real self.
The ending of the book was perfect. If I’m being honest, this whole book was perfect. The only thing this book lover could ask for would be a “6 months later Epilogue”. There is just a bit that I think could have been concluded in an Epilogue but none the less, the book is a 5 star.

I truly look forward to reading more from this duo.

Thank you *BookSparks* for letting me take place in this pop UP tour. It’s been so fun!

Seriously yall, buy this book!


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