REVIEW: Love and Other Words by Christian Lauren

Looking for a book that leaves you thinking about it while your off doing other things? Then look no further because “Love and Other Words” is that book! I picked this book up off my shelf as I was reading another book, the other said book just wasn’t doing it for me. So sometimes you just have to pick up a book and move on. This book was so perfect. I can not brag about this book enough. Christian Lauren, I love the writing style you ladies create.


I just can’t with this book. I’m going to do my best at writing this review but I just can’t do it justice. But promise me that you will read this book. I absolutely loved Macy. She’s strong willed and independent. I felt like I was Macy as I read the book. Then Elliot, though he’s a nerd, I liked his character too. He loved books so how could I not love him?! The way they met each other and how they were the friends that shared everything, yes EVERYTHING, is just WOW. But something happens and it’s been 11 years since they’ve last talked or seen each other. You have to read •Love and Other Words• to find that out but once I found out, the tears were a rolling.

Also, favorite word? (Read the book to understand)

My favorite word of the moment is STRENGTH.

This book was absolutely IMG_5360



Sorry for being MIA but working two jobs leaves little time for reviews 😦


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