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RELEASE BLITZ: THIS IS BEAUTIFUL by Kennedy Fox — September 19, 2017


Title: Checkmate: This is Beautiful
Series: Checkmate Duet Series (Logan & Kayla, #2)
Author: Kennedy Fox
Designer & Photographer: Sara Eirew
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Second-Chance Romance
Release Date: September 19, 2017
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/2pbTtV1

The anticipated conclusion of the Logan & Kayla saga in the Checkmate Duet Series from duo of romance authors under the USA Today bestselling author pseudonym, Kennedy Fox!

This second-chance romance will have you gasping and cheering this two on from the first to the last page! Are you ready to play the final game?
Kayla Sinclair is a saint and real life Angel.
She wears her heart on her sleeve and inspires me to be a better person.
Rescuing dogs, feeding the homeless, volunteering at the local food pantry are just a few of the ways she gives back to others, although no one has ever been there for her.
Falling for her was inevitable, losing her will destroy me.
Letting someone in didn’t come easy, but she made me want to try for the first time in years.
Her bubbling personality and kind spirit make it impossible to forget a girl like her.
But when tragedy strikes and she loses all memory that our relationship ever existed, my worst nightmare comes to life.
I’ll do anything to remind her of the love we shared. I know it’ll be an uphill battle, but I won’t walk away without a fight. Whoever said all is fair in love and war never played by my rules.
Checkmate, Angel.
*Recommend for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult language.*
**This is book w in the Logan & Kayla Saga–a second-chance romance. Must read This is Dangerous first. However, you don’t need to read any of the other Checkmate duet series to enjoy this one, but it’s recommended as they are both introduced in the earlier books.**

All good things must come to an end. While Kennedy Fox may have ended their checkmate series this duo isn’t ending. But that’s also another subject that I’ll get to. (See end of this blog)

“THIS IS BEAUTIFUL” is the concluding book of The Checkmate Series and my goodness is it a hell of an ending! If you’ve read “This is Dangerous” you know the suspense that we were left with at the end. Well, TiB is about to take you for a whirlwind.

As Kayla had lost her memory, which we knew from TiD, she’s still without it in TiB. I envied Logan’s strength as he stood beside Kayla, whether as a friend or boyfriend. We all know Logan to be a tough guy from TiD and his soft side is definitely shown in TiB. I was left saying lots of awwww’s.

While Kayla is struggling to find memories from the past two years, she’s left making choices she normally wouldn’t have. But they could possibly be for the best. Kayla knows how her body reacts to Logan but can’t find those memories they’ve shared. Walls are up but Kayla wants them down. When feelings are changed because of the accident, your left to figure out just how things play out. Kennedy Fox left me sad for Kayla and Logan but also happy for them. Grab your copy TODAY and see how this series ends. Will it be Beautiful? Maybe but maybe not.



iBooks: http://apple.co/2s5M11F
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2qMr5ck
Barnes: http://bit.ly/2sqMwRj
Amazon US: http://amzn.to/2u1lfbc
Amazon UK: http://amzn.to/2twDpRG

Amazon AU: http://amzn.to/2sUgGR3
Amazon CA: http://amzn.to/2t2xxw6

This is Beautiful Release Day Giveaway


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Many people have asked up what’s coming after the Checkmate Duet Series. We are planning to release A WEEK WITH A BAD BOY together under Brooke and Lyra on October 19, 2017! We can’t wait! It will be exclusively on Amazon and enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.


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EMMA IN THE NIGHT by WENDY WALKER — September 12, 2017


Thank you to Booksparks for sending me a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 

EMMA IN THE NIGHT has been all over my feed so when I received my copy I started it immediately. A few chapters in, I knew what all the buzz was about. Wendy Walker is a  phenomenal author and will have you on the edge until the very end. EMMA IN THE NIGHT was a book that I couldn’t put down not for one second.

“One night three years ago, the Tanner sisters disappeared: fifteen-year-old Cass and seventeen-year-old Emma. Three years later, Cass returns, without her sister Emma. Her story is one of kidnapping and betrayal, of a mysterious island where the two were held. But to forensic psychiatrist Dr. Abby Winter, something doesn’t add up. Looking deep within this dysfunctional family Dr. Winter uncovers a life where boundaries were violated and a narcissistic parent held sway. And where one sister’s return might just be the beginning of the crime.”



As mentions above Ms. Walker is truly a wonderful author. Each character in this novel are developed very well.I found myself liking the Cass chapters more so than Dr. Winters. I felt Dr. Winters chapters were over informational at times and slower to finish. However by chapter 17 I was so intrigued and could not read fast enough.


From the very beginning I felt Cassandra was a liar because of one little statement.

“I had to be a good artist. I had to find talent where none existed and tell this story in a way they would believe”. 

Whether Cass was a liar or not she had me eating out of her hand. Through the course of this book secrets are unraveled, lies are told and feelings are hurt. Twist and turns that you hadn’t seen hit you head on only to leave your jaw on the floor. While my review is vague, the book will prove to be as readable as I say it is. I hope I have you wanting your own copy of EMMA IN THE NIGHT.

As always,

SOOO much more to come, stay tuned.

And if it wasn’t obvious, this novel was


pop UP blog tour- FINDING MY BADASS SELF by SHERRY STANFA-STANLEY — September 7, 2017


Popcorn and Diet Coke, that’s all you’re going to need to enjoy “FINDING MY BADASS SELF” written by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley. While I’m not a fan of diet coke after reading this memoir you will get where I’m coming from. I would like to give a huge thank you to Booksparks for allowing me to be apart of another pop UP blog tour. You, Booksparks and Sherry Stanfa-Stanley, do not disappoint.

Sherry captured me from the very beginning with her 52/52 project, 52 challenges in 52 weeks. Not only did she capture me but she has inspired me to even do my own challenge, I’m thinking 30/30 project.

Many chapters in “FINDING MY BADASS SELF” had me laughing out loud while a few had my lip curled out from being touched by Sherry’s genuine self. Sherry’s 52/52 project diffidently proved her of being said BADASS,the one that proved that the most to me was chapter 11 which will also leave you in tears.
Honestly, I can not say enough good things about this book. Also, I will give nothing away and only tell you that this is a must read. Prepare to be left planning your very own project. Oh and lastly, Sherry, you owe me a Bloody Mary.

This book is without a doubt



Blog Epilogue:

Listed below are my favorite chapters and a few letters to let you know what you have to look forward to.


Pop UP Blog Tour -Worth the Wait by LORI FOSTER — September 5, 2017

Pop UP Blog Tour -Worth the Wait by LORI FOSTER

Every time Booksparks has a pop up tour I  frantically send that email and cross my fingers I’m included. Lucky for me, I have had great luck this summer and Booksparks has left me with some great reads and feeling forever grateful. Let’s cut to it, I’m about to tell you the Pros/Cons of WORTH THE WAIT then you be the one to decide if it’s WORTH THE WAIT (pun intended).

Single dad Hogan Guthrie is getting his life back on track and working as the “barbecue master” at a local diner is just a temporary detour. He and restaurant owner Violet Shaw constantly butt heads… until one night they end up mingling other parts instead. Hogan thought he had the recipe for happiness all figured out. But loyal, carefree Violet is daring him to trust his impulses… and see just how sweet small-town living— and loving— can be.

Nathan Hawley traded his SWAT team credentials for a sheriff’s badge, but a gorgeous new neighbor is shaking up his orderly life. Nathan has a hunch there’s more to Brooklin Sweet than meets the eye —but given her caution about getting involved, he has his work cut out for him. Still, there’s something about the elusive beauty Nathan can’t walk away from— and helping her come to terms with her past might pave the way to the future they both secretly long for.

I’m not going to beat around the bush with this novel, in fact I’m going to be brutally honest. Let’s start with my love of this book because love first then hate.

Hogan, single accountant by day hot barbecue master by night, was definitely a well developed character of this novel. As was the little red head, Violet, who’s strong willed and high strung. Hogan and Violet’s love/hate relationship only left me wanting more. I really loved these two characters. These two just know how to push each other but only in a way that ends with being pushed into bed with each other. Yes, jaw dropping.

While there are other aspects of this book that I also really enjoyed, Nathan & Brooklin, I felt that this book had two different stories going on. I remember when I used to have to write stories in high school. My teacher left more red on the page, red that said  “Pick one story and go with it”. This is exactly what I thought of while getting mixed in Nathan/Brooklin story. Also, in the mix of two stories, I just didn’t enjoy so many POV’s. Normally 2-3 POVS is all I like in a story so 5 just overwhelms me. Adding to the over uses of POV’s I felt Colt, Hogan’s son, didn’t need his own voice. Colt’s voice could have been in conversation with characters vs his own POV.

I feel WORTH THE WAIT is a book worth reading, regardless of my judgements. Each reader I have found, reviews a book differently which is what being a reviewer is all about.

So with this I rate this novel


Kudos to Lori Foster for writing this novel!

Thank you Booksparks for letting me read books I may not read otherwise.

Stay tuned, POP UP blog tour isn’t over yet for this Blogging Momma!!





Blog Tour: Something like HAPPY! By: EVA WOODS — September 1, 2017

Blog Tour: Something like HAPPY! By: EVA WOODS

I’m a firm believer of the saying “Everthing happens for a reason”and  I believe Eva Woods wrote this novel with reason. While it’s completely fictional, SOMETHING LIKE HAPPY will get you thinking of how you can start your own #100dayshappy


Annie Hebden is stuck. Stuck in her boring job, with her irritating roommate, in a life no thirty-five-year-old would want. But deep down, Annie is still mourning the terrible loss that tore a hole through the perfect existence she’d once taken for granted—and hiding away is safer than remembering what used to be. Until she meets the eccentric Polly Leonard.

Bright, bubbly, intrusive Polly is everything Annie doesn’t want in a friend. But Polly is determined to finally wake Annie up to life. Because if recent events have taught Polly anything, it’s that your time is too short to waste a single day—which is why she wants Annie to join her on a mission…

One hundred days. One hundred new ways to be happy. Annie’s convinced it’s impossible, but so is saying no to Polly. And on an unforgettable journey that will force her to open herself to new experiences—and perhaps even new love with the unlikeliest of men—Annie will slowly begin to realize that maybe, just maybe, there’s still joy to be found in the world. But then it becomes clear that Polly’s about to need her new friend more than ever…and Annie will have to decide once and for all whether letting others in is a risk worth taking.

Annie has so many reasons for her bitterness as life has thrown her many curve balls. One of which has left her divorced and caring for a mother with dementia. Again, here’s where I believe everything happens for a reason. Annie meets Polly, wildly dressed and the attitude to match, at the hospital and the rest becomes history. We learn Polly too is fighting a big battle, one that only time will win. But it’s all about how one handles life struggles and Polly does it by coming up with #100dayshappy. Polly is WILD, reckless, pushy and at times annoying but she’s exactly what Annie needs.

Through SOMETHING LIKE HAPPY Eva Woods will have you rolling your eyes, laughing, hurting but also thinking of what you would do in the situation these two women find themselves in.

I give this book


because at times it wasn’t page turning for me. However, I’ve still been left thinking of #100dayshappy and this story.


Thank you LITTLE BIRD PUBLICITY for allowing me to review this novel and be included in this blog tour. Thank you Eva Woods for writing such a touching novel.

As always find me on Instagram to follow my reads.



Checkmate Duet Series Boxed Set Cover Reveal & Release Blitz — August 21, 2017

Checkmate Duet Series Boxed Set Cover Reveal & Release Blitz

Titles Included: Checkmate: This is Reckless & Checkmate: This is Effortless
Series: Checkmate Duet Series (Drew & Courtney)
Author: Kennedy Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Friends to Lovers Romance
Photographer & Designer: Sara Eirew
Release Date: August 21, 2017

Introducing the complete Drew & Courtney saga in the Checkmate series from the USA Today Bestselling duo Kennedy Fox!
Checkmate: This is Reckless & This is Effortless is a friends to lovers romance will have you swooning and laughing from the first to the last page! Are you ready to play the game?
Drew Fisher is the type of guy every girl wants.
Noble police officer by day, charming prince by night.
He has no idea the effect he has on women, especially Courtney—his little sister’s best friend. She’s the blonde Southern belle who lives up to the cliché, except she has her own quirks. She’s smart as a whip, can change her own oil, and recite The Pledge of Allegiance backward, but no matter what, he doesn’t see that girl. It’d be easier to forget him if he wasn’t Courtney’s roommate and if the first thing she saw in the morning wasn’t his shirtless body covered in tattoos. She’s crushed on him since the day they met, but he’s made it perfectly clear where they stand. Just friends.
Courtney Bishop is as sugary sweet as her famous blueberry muffins.
Southern belle at heart, Cali girl by choice.
She barged into Drew’s life and they easily became best friends.
All was great as roommates and just friends, but then he started to fall for the girl who could chop firewood, deliver baby calves, and bail hay without breaking a sweat.
She’s the perfect mixture of sugar and spice, and he wants her.
One drunken hookup leaves them with much more than a platonic friendship.
Pretending it never happened proves to be more difficult than either of them anticipated.
A crazy ex-girlfriend, a dangerous war of stolen glances, and passionate kisses leads to the most reckless battle yet.
Loving each other comes easy, but losing their friendship will break them. Burning passion combined with an undeniable chemistry constantly pushes and pulls them together. In the end, Drew strives to prove they’re worth the fight, even when the game is far from over.
*Recommend for ages 18+ due to sexual content and adult language.*



Boxed Set Release Day Giveaway

Checkmate: This is Beautiful is releasing on September 12, 2017!
This is the grande finale of the Checkmate Duet Series!

If you haven’t started Logan and Kayla’s story yet, the time is now!
Checkmate: This is Dangerous (Logan & Kayla #1) – OUT NOW
Checkmate: This is Beautiful (Logan & Kayla #2) – PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE
We don’t have too much longer before it’s on e-readers everywhere.


Many people have asked up what’s coming after the Checkmate Duet Series.
Well, we plan on releasing A WEEK WITH A BAD BOY together under Brooke and Lyra on October 19, 2017! We are very excited about this and can’t wait for it to be released!

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Early 2018 we will start releasing the BISHOP BROTHERS Series!
It is an interconnected stand alone series that will follow Courtney’s 4 brothers!
We’re so excited about this. If you want more information, please CLICK HERE!
We’re still in the early planning stages but will update our “coming soon” page with more info as soon as it’s set in stone.









Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up under the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox who share a love of You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make your lady bits tingle and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you!

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REVIEW: EMERALD COAST by Anita Hughes — August 13, 2017


The one regret you are going to have about this novel is if you do not read it. Anita Hughes is becoming one of my favorite authors, taking you places through her words that would cost a fortune to see. Emerald Coast released August 1st, 2017 and will surely be a top rated book.


Lily Bristol arrives at a luxurious resort in Sardinia for the grand opening of her newest home furnishing store on the Emerald Coast. She’s a successful business woman with an international chain of stores from San Francisco to Milan. Thirty-two and newly divorced, she’s ready to handle things on her own. At least until her private butler, Enzo, escorts her to a beautiful suite where she notices a suspiciously familiar pair of men’s slippers and shaving kit.

Lily is horrified. Her ex-husband Oliver moved out of their restored Connecticut farmhouse six months ago, but they booked this trip when they were trying to save their marriage and never cancelled the reservation. Oliver, a food critic for the New York Times, is here covering Sardinia’s hottest new restaurant. The only other available room is the adjoining suite; and worse, Oliver isn’t alone. He’s brought a twenty-something named Angela with him.

Lily is determined to make do and enlists Enzo to find her a suitable man. But it’s not as easy to find new love as they both expected. When Lily and Oliver find themselves alone on a very important night, they turn to each other. Sparks begin to fly, but can they be together without breaking each other’s hearts?

The odds weren’t in their favor as the two new divorcees land themselves not only on the Emerald Coast but also at the same resort,or maybe that’s what was meant to be after all. Lily on the coast to open a new Lily Bristol store and Oliver to write a review for a restaurant. In the novel was lots of twist and turns, you’ll love characters then hate them. I know I did. I loved both Lily & Oliver. I felt they just hit that hard spot in marriage and gave up too quickly like so many do. I also really enjoyed how they both reflected on their history that was in each chapter. This whole book was lovely and is now my favorite by Anita. The only down fall, I am always left wanting more and Emerald Coast did just that.


Without any doubt this book is a



*Thanks St.Martins Press for my review copy.